Month: July 2018

Technical Audit of "SWAP.core" Finished Successfully

Audit of Swap.Online: details and opinions

SWAP.Online team is getting closer and closer to the release of revolutionary cryptocurrency marketplace platform. For the newbies we need to mention that it will merge the functions of decentralized exchange and the mechanism for the acceptance of investments in the crypto-oriented start-ups. The technology itself is based on the Atomic Swaps algorithms and allows […]

Swap.Online. What is ready for June

development update June 2018

What we planned to do March 2018. Launching Alpha-version of OTC market based on Atomic Swap protocol: Registration function, list of orders, BTC-ETH swapping, text description of the protocol, the easiest version of rate system of market-makers. April 2018. First release, beta version: swap between Bitcoins (BTC), Ether (ETH) and ERC-20 tokens; Launching the website […]

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How to translate Project and Token Concept Summary in another language

Translate the presentation and get your reward in tokens

1) Read our presentation. 2) If you think that you can translate our presentation into another language, write @sashanoxon and state the language. 3) The original unformatted text can be found here – use it as a basis for translating. 4) Download the trial version of Adobe Illustrator here 5) Install Adobe Illustrator 6) Download the original […]

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