Month: August 2018

Fuel Going to Rocket: August Dev Update, Very Last One Prior to the Mainnet

IPFS-messaging improvement, no way for the null secret and multiple tabs…Atomic Swaps on EOS? We would like to share with you our latest updates on the development progress that occured during this hot August. Like our previous development report, this one is dedicated mostly to the issues of stability and usability. Stability Since instant and […]

The Bridges That Should Be Built: Cross-chain Overview

Swap.Online addresses the area of cross-chain technologies and continue the series of articles about the most acute issues of nowadays blockchain sphere. We would like to discuss the future of cross-chain, the thorny path to this level of blockchain interaction, and where we are now on this path. How They Got There: Two Approaches to […]

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Atomic Swap with Tether (USDT)

Swap Online solution in two hundred lines of code

On the eve of the release on the mainnet, the team of the cross-chain wallet Swap Online is publishing a research study and the code of the atomic swap using USDT. USD Tether — the equivalent of the dollar on Omni Layer The solution described above with the protocol “over” the Bitcoin network gave life to one of the most controversial cryptocurrency […]

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