Month: September 2018

First Atomic Swaps with Gemini Ever!

Swap.Online adds new stablecoin  - Gemini Dollar - to the balances and offers the decentralized exchange solution one week after its public release

Stablecoins, the cryptocurrencies with the price pegged to this of some traditional currency (like USDT), were initially designed as the solution which merges the merits of crypto and real world asset. Most commonly, people use stablecoins as the liquidity and risk protection solution. Particularly it is useful in the situations and jurisdictions where the fiat-to-crypto-transactions […]

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What is Atomic Swap?

Let us look into the technology in more details

Our readers often ask us what exactly is Atomic Swap, and how does it guarantee a secured transaction. Let us look into the technology in more detail. In Crypto, the term “Atomic” was adopted from databases, where there is a number of database operations that either occur altogether or do not occur at all (or […]

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Swap.Online Byweekly News Digest #2 (Aug 6 - Aug 27)

This August our team worked really hard, we've been coding, testing, building new partnerships. Today we are proud to share with you our progress.

Product Development First of all, read about our game changing  solution on the Atomic Swaps exchange between USDT – the most controversial cryptocurrency with the highest capitalization in the world and different blockchains. If you have basic knowledge of C++ , you can see how we solved the problem of the USDT exchange in 200 […]

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SWAP Token Review

Basic observations on the SWAP token economy and trading

Basic observations on the SWAP token economy Disclaimer: This document is for information and illustrative purposes only. It is not, and should not be regarded as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation” regarding a token price, including and not limited on how those terms are used in any applicable law or regulation. SWAP token economics […]

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