Month: October 2018

Even More Decentralized: Litecoin x Swap.Online

Swap.Online launches Atomic swaps with Litecoin

We will also have decentralized exchanges using atomic swaps. The possibilities are endless. Charlie Lee, the creator of Litecoin. September 20, 2018 A team of Swap.Online – the decentralized cross-chain wallet working on atomic swap technology is preparing to list Litecoin on their platform, placing it among the world’s most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, […]

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How to perform an Atomic Swap

Since Atomic Swap technology is a brand new in a blockchain world, some people have difficulties using it. In this short instruction we give our users a simple explanation of how it works on Swap.Online cross-chain wallet. It will give you an opportunity to exchange your crypto fast, simple and decentralized. From now on, you […]

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Swap.Online September Development Update: Reconsidering Usability, New Tokens, Tweaks in Core

Swap.Online's report on our progress in September, 2018

The Swap.Online decentralized Atomic Swap cross-chain wallet released its mainnet version this September. Our team finalized the first ever Atomic Swaps in USDT and GUSD. By the way, the story is just beginning. Let us go through the progress we made last month together with our lead developer Nikita Dementiev. Usability: On the Road to […]

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