Month: April 2019

All-in-one: the system of decentralized blockchain banking for your business

Blockchain-based accounting, multiple assets, decentralized exchange: we’ll make it your way

Our interface acts as the payment system with multiple currencies and built-in exchange features. If we exclude traditional cryptocurrencies, we can organize trading for any asset: USD, EUR, GOLD, OIL etc. Thus, you can use as the full-fledged payment system, exchange of different assets. It will be really low-cost system as there is no […]

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Add the functional of wallet and exchange to your client’s site

The ideas of cryptocurrency start-ups are announced everyday. The site is the starting point, but every team sooner or later gets the idea of private tokensale. The teams need the services of numerous developers: smart contract writers, web designers etc. We can add our widget to make your project modern and attractive Do you write […]

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Connect your blockchain to the cross-chain

By creating a new blockchain, you can build a billion-dollar project. How the can help you? First decentralized application (dApp) on your blockchain Infrastructure is the key element of the blockchain success. Decentralised applications, games, exchanges (DEXs) – that’s what blockchain is started from. is ready to buid the ‘entrance point’ to your […]

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The popularity of single-blockchain DEXs (BinanceDEX, WavesDEX etc.) is growing rapidly. High speed of transactions is the main advantage of this type of exchanges. By the way, some cryptocurrencies can be deposited to these DEXs only via additional human-controlled centralized systems. It threats to reverse the important gains of decentralization. has the technology allowing […]

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Wallet for your users + Bitcoin processing

Stablecoins are the private cryptocurrencies with the exchange rate pegged to fiat assets, in most cases – to the U.S. dollar. This type of crypto is useful as it helps to buy any crypto for the fixed exchange rate. If you plan to issue the stablecoin, we can create the wallet for it in short […]

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