Month: May 2019

How the dApp orderbook works above the IPFSpubsub

Have a look: the secrets of how we use IPFSpubsub for the order matching

Order – is a public announcement about the fact that user is ready to exchange cryptocurrency X for the cryptocurrency Y. Orderbook – is the effective lists of orders used by users to find each other and exchange cryptocurrencies promptly. On both centralized and semi-decentralized exchanges (e.g. IDEX) orderbook is stored on the basic server. […]

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Limits and conditions of affiliate system

Our new referral system will be tracked manually, since we had bad experience in bounty already. We are looking for active and engaged community members, who will be interested in our project. If you have enthusiastic people – share your personal promo link with them – and we will reward you and them. But please, […]

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