About Swap.Online

About Swap.Online

Swap.Online is the decentralized cryptocurrency market. It is about only your browser. No apps, no middlemen. Instantly.

Swap.Online offers users its own p2p protocol, fully decentralized and perfectly safe exchange right in browser and the solution for cryptoprojects funding.

Features of the system

The solution operates on average 2 to 10+ times faster than the existing stock exchanges (taking into account the time to deposit and withdraw funds). On average, the exchange takes 1–2 minutes.

Swap Online does not store secret user keys. Moreover, even messages between users do not pass through our servers (we use IPFS).

The exchange works right in the browser. Users do not need to download or install apps.

It already works between the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains. Exchange between Tether, Lightning Network is planned.

The solution will be able to work with most cryptocurrencies, except for those where there is no scripting language. But even for such currencies (including Monero) solutions will be created over time (MultiSig for Monero).

B2C solution

We offer unique cryptocurrency exchange solutions: full decentralization, rapid speed, orderbook, reputation management, user-friendly interface.

The process of exchange is executed via the Atomic Swap technology. This technology makes the process of exchange really instant as the third part (centralized payment gateway) is eliminated. Customers don’t send their money to exchange, but directly to each other: from wallet to wallet. On our side, we don’t store the traders’ money or private keys – all the exchange processes are performed inside your browser.

Our aim is to provide people with the instant direct crypto exchange based on the principles of safety and decentralization.

B2B solution

Let your customers buy your tokens for every crypto on our site! SWAP.ONLINE offers break-through solution for  the crypto collection for ICO – you will be able to collect BTC/ETH and change it on every token on your site with the swap.button installed.

swap.button decision is safe as it is decentralized. We don’t store the customers’ means. We don’t collect private keys. All data is inside your browser. With the Atomic Swap technology used, you receive  the crypto instantly in your wallet, and your customer receives his or her token in the wallet: the middlemen are expelled.

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