About Swap.Online

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About Swap.Online

Swap.Online – is a multi-cryptocurrency wallet that works directly from your browser. In order to start using it, you don’t need to download anything – just go to swap.online.

The main feature of Swap.Online wallet – the built-in p2p exchange. The exchange works on the technology of Atomic Swap meaning that users can exchange cryptocurrencies between different blockchains and set their own exchange rate (e.g. Bitcoin and Ethereum) without the involvement of a third party.


  • First to implement EOS and USDT
  • No fee, no limits
  • Anonymous, No registration needed
  • Licenced (FVR000299., Estonia) to provide services of exchanging a virtual currency against a fiat currency
  • 6 full-time developers, 20 total

Features of the system

Swap.Online operates on average 2 to 10+ times faster than the existing cryptocurrency exchanges (taking into account the time it takes to deposit and withdraw funds). On average, the exchange takes 1–2 minutes.

Swap Online does not store the secret keys of users. Moreover, even messages between our users do not pass through our servers (we use IPFS). By entering the website, users can download their private keys and store them in a secure place. For now, the keys are stored in the browser by default, but in the near future, there will be an option to use the APP in order to store them.

Users do not need to download or install any apps, the exchange works right in the browser.

Swap.Online wallet maintains real anonymity and unique KYC/AML neutrality. Nobody can freeze the assets or put the order on hold. No one can block anybody’s transaction.

The system already works with Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains, and we are planning on adding exchanges with Tether and Lightning Network in the near future.

B2C solution

We offer unique cryptocurrency exchange solutions: full decentralization, rapid speed, orderbook, build your reputation, user-friendly interface.

The process of exchange is executed via the Atomic Swap technology. The technology allows the exchange to be done instantly, as the third parties (for example centralized payment gateway in banks) are eliminated. Users don’t send their money to the exchange, but directly to each other: from wallet to wallet. On our side, we don’t store the traders’ money or private keys – all the exchange processes are performed inside the browser.

Our aim is to provide people with the direct and instant crypto exchange based on the principles of safety and decentralization.

B2B solution

Let your customers buy your tokens with the most popular cryptocurrencies on our site! Swap.Online offers a break-through solution for raising crypto for your ICO – you will be able to collect BTC/ETH and exchange them for any other token by installing a swap.button on your website.

The technical solution behind the Swap.button is as safe as it is decentralized. We don’t store customers data, nor do we collect their private keys. All the information is stored in the users’ browser. Atomic swap technology excludes the middleman, allowing you to exchange your tokens for crypto directly with your customer. 

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