Vladislav Sopov
Vladislav Sopov

SWAP Token Review

Basic observations on the SWAP token economy and trading

Basic observations on the SWAP token economy Disclaimer: This document is for information and illustrative purposes only. It is not, and should not be regarded as “investment advice” or as a “recommendation” regarding a token price, including and not limited on how those terms are used in any applicable law or regulation. SWAP token economics […]

Decentralized and Semi-Decentralized Crypto Exchanges: Features and Abilities

Analytic market research by SWAP.ONLINE (April, 2018)

Decentralized vs. centralized exchanges It’s the time to decentralize Up to the nowadays, the world of cryptocurrencies has been meeting one but seemingly overwhelming contradiction. Basic, if you will, philosophical, principles of cryptocurrencies  – anonymity, independence, equality – remained still only conditional. Even freshmen, who bought their first bitcoins during the market hype of December, […]

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