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How to add a token of your projecton on OTC Market Swap.Online for free!

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Dear representatives of projects!

We are pleased to announce that Swap.Online is ready to list your token for free! But this is not the only good news, we have got more! Projects with more than 100 token holedrs (investors) will get free AirProp of SWAP tokens for them, so, they can test our system for free.

The only condition for adding your token to our OTC Market is cross-marketing and PR.

  1. You fill in a simple Listing Application Form (link).
  2. We add your project to the OTC Market Swap Online balance sheets and test the deposit / withdraw of the tokens.
  3. We launch cross-marketing: we talk about you, you talk about us.
  4. We check Atomic Swap compatibility of your token with ETH, BTC and EOS.
  5. After all the successful checks and improvements, we connect your token to a full swap.

For listing contact Daria Purtova, manager of listing.

About Swap Online

Swap Online – Crypto-currency OTC market.

We hearts IPFS, JavaScript and ⚡ Lightning Network.
Check out our project brief (url).


Swap.Online is implemented on JS. Every process pertaining to transactions and transfers is done in a browser and nothing is implemented on servers. It even works in a mobile browser.

Swap.Online is built on the “Swap.Online DEP” protocol, which allows secure cross blockchain exchange anywhere on any device supporting JS protocols.

«Swap.Online DEP» is a multi-blockchain protocol. It even works with Bitcoin using Bitcoin P2SH-contracts;

Supports most cryptocurrencies and tokens. Swap.Online DEP is able to work with a majority of cryptocurrencies, except for those that do not have a script language. But even for those currencies (eg. Monero) there may be a solution (multisig for Monero).

Resilience. The exchange is built directly in the blockchain and does not depend on centralized services, their capabilities, domains or dns-services.

Immediate deal. The trade is concluded with the first mined block, or approximately within 30 seconds, and no one can change that.

Works in a mobile browser. No application or client installation, no plugins, as everything works in a browser on JS and nothing is based on servers.

Trading with “Swap.Online DEP” is made faster than usual trading with cryptocurrency exchanges by refraining from to third parties, resulting in a significant increase in speed.

Currently supported ETH <> BTC <> ERC20.
Monero, Litecoin, Tether, Nimiq to be supported soon.

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