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See What You Can: How To Use Swap.Online

Check out the BTC ⇔ ETH exchange on Swap.Online with test coins. It would take three or four minutes.
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Swap.Online is a revolutionary crypto over-the-counter marketplace delivering the services of the instant BTC ⇔ ERC-20 and ERC-20 ⇔ ERC-20 exchange. It is based on the principles of real decentralization as no component (e.g. plug-ins, orderbooks etc.) serves as the center or middleman. This story is about buyer and seller only: we don’t store your keys, coins or data. Our exchange uses the Atomic Swaps technology, so you don’t need to use special software or even somehow tune your browser.


Decentralization: mantra or solution?


Since the quantity of crypto frauds and thefts grew rapidly (see figure) as well as the damage caused by them, the decentralized exchanges or DEXs now seem to be the most significant trend in crypto world: the DEXs doesn’t store the users’ crypto. Inspired by that fact, some services use the terms of decentralization without being decentralized indeed. They position themselves as the ‘hybrid’, ‘semi-decentralized’, ‘demi-decentralized’, ‘with critical infrastructure centralized only’ etc. being still decentralized in general.

We dealt with the issue our way.


Swap.Online is fully decentralized without any single component stored on or operated by centralized means. Our swaps are conducted directly in browsers of traders with no keys or money send to us or stored via our technical capacities.

Also we are higher than bulk majority of DEXs in several respects: we support BTC, we stand for the KYC/AML neutrality, our deals are safer and faster because of IPFS and Atomic Swaps technologies implementation. Written on JavaScript, our core is able to be implemented even in projects without JS via the REST API.

So, it’s the time to see it for yourself.

We are proudly presenting the test swap between BTC and ETH with the conditional coins as the most interesting and useful feature of our testnet – . Don’t miss the chance to see rapid speed and splendid functionality of our service!


  1. Launch .
  2. In the “Wallet” pad, download the keys and make us sure you saved it in the safe place (see Figure below)

  1. Now you see some test coins on your BTC and ETH wallets.
  2. Then come to the “Orders” pad. Here we see some test orders. Press the button ‘>’’ in the ‘Actions’ column.for the order suitable for you.  Now you are ready to start the swap.

  1. Press “Confirm” to start the exchange.

  1. Then you need to wait for 90-120 seconds and press “Continue”.

  1. The most impatient of you are already able to check the pending of transaction via Etherscan by one click on the test transaction hash.

  1. Few seconds later you will have your last option to refund the money send (use ‘’Try refund” button).

  1. The swap is conducted, PROFIT!

Congratulations, you finished your first deal via Swap.Online and received your money.

More swaps – more profit. Come back to us!

Best regards,

Swap.Online Team.

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