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This article is intended for all professionals who wish to help us with the development of Swap.Online.

  1. We only work with people who believe in our project. We are confident that impressive results can be achieved only if a person is truly interested in the work that he does.
  2. We value quality work, respect the rights of all our collaborators and entrust with estimating the value of their work by themselves. We don’t to knock down the set price.
  3. We pay for work with ETH, which is sent to collaborators’ ETH wallet.
  4. From 10% to 50% of the sum is paid by SWAP tokens. In this case, the collaborator determines the split and estimates the value of the token. For example, if the price of a task is estimated at $100 and the collaborator sets the SWAP tokens proportion to 20%, then $20 will be paid with SWAP tokens at the rate.
  5. In order to calculate the price of 1 token in dollars, the collaborator needs to estimate the future capitalization of the project and divide it by 21 million tokens (only this amount of tokens will be issued). The received figure will be the collaborators estimation and will reflect his belief in the project.
  6. The token will be used as an internal currency for using Swap.Online services. After the project is launched in August 2018, all users will have to buy tokens: no other forms of payment will be accepted. Tokens can only be purchased from members of the bounty campaign, airdrop, and you, our collaborators.
  7. With each payment we will send both Ether and SWAP tokens. For example, if the total price of work is set to $100 with 1 SWAP token per dollar and the chosen proportion is a 10% stake, then the 50% advance payment will be $45 and 5 SWAP tokens.

Check out our competitors research. They are now valued at about $200 million dollars.

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