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Brief Project History and Roadmap

October, 2017 - the idea of non-custodial interaction between Bitcoin and dApps is published by CEO in Facebook

Q1, 2018 - first round of investment, team gathering.

June, 2018 - live Beta testnet with Atomic Swaps between BTC, ETH.

August, 2018 - mainnet release

September, 2018 - first Atomic Swaps on EOS and USDT ever

October, 2018 - first ERC-20 integrations: 45+ projects listed their tokens on which allows to exchange them on USDT and BTC and announced the collaboration with to their communities.

November, 2018 - Telos blockchain integration.

December, 2018- first B2B-implementation of the toolkit: implements the exchange mechanism for XSAT tokens purchasing.

February, 2019 - starts Bitcoin integration for DEEX (BitShares gate).

May, 2019 - BCH wallet launched in mainnet, ETH <> BCH swaps executed in testnet.

June, 2019 - progress presented on Malta Blockchain Conference.

July, 2019 - progress presented on Asia Blockchain Summit.

Roadmap: Technology development:

Q4 2019 - Swap Online Wallet Development. Multi-signature implementation, 2FA implementation, SMS/Telegram protection. IEO announcement

Q1 2020 - Launching constant USDT/PAX trades with BTC for OTC providers. Token distribution campaign

Q2 2020 Additional blockchains implementation: BCH, NEM, LTC and BNB

Q3 2020 DeFi infrastructure closed beta testing - collateral loans with BTC, BCH and various stable coins

Q4 2020 Launching decentralized bank for SWAP token holders



Is there any chance to loose funds during Atomic Swap

Risks associated with the Atomic Swap process

At the moment, the biggest risk is the inaccessibility of public nodes or spam of the blockchain. For example, let's take such situation

1. Alice and Bob have frozen funds in smart contracts
2. Alice tries to withdraw funds from ethereum smart contract and sends the secret with a low gas price (the secret becomes visible to everyone)
3. Bob sees the transaction and starts a DoS attack in which he starts spamming ethereum ito prevent the transaction mining.
4. Bob withdraws BTC from a Bitcoin script (since the secret is already known)
5. After a timeout, Bob sends a refund transaction with an increased gas and withdraws ETH

Such attack makes sense when the amount of exchange is more than $ 10,000 (the minimum cost of gas). It also may happen accidentally

There may also be a risk that
1. The node will not accept a Bitcoin transaction for withdraw (transaction is too small or spam)
2. public node suddenly becomes unavailable

All these scenarios should be worked out by additional analysis of the state of all systems on which a successful swap depends.

How to remove the risk:
Do not let the swap start if the nodes are unavailable, as well as be able to quickly switch nodes, replace the transaction if it is long mined, give the user an opportunity to complete the swap by manually sending the transaction manually.

Risks associated with the orderbook.

Such risk assumes that an attacker can somehow start a swap with an unprofitable course for the victim. We check that the course during the swap coincides with the course in the order, but the atack process is not yet developed

What is planned to do: to audit the work of the order book,
1. check how it works in flood conditions.
2. check the possibility of exhibiting extremely large or extremely small exchange rate values

The risk of starting a swap but not completing it.

For example, lets consider such attack.
1. Alice places an order to sale ETH
2. Bob accepts it but does not freeze bitcoin, until timeout
3. Alice cannot start swap with others.

How we will solve: users will have rating which depends on successful trades and how many SWAP tokens they hold in wallet


Supported blockchains

BTC, ETH, ERC20 - mainnet
Bitshares and other - planned


How does our orderbook work

We do not store users orders on any server. Each user stores his orders and sends them to other users directly via the IPFS pub sub network, which works on the principle of the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) - an application-level protocol for real-time messaging.

How order is being created?
1. The user selects a pair in the interface and indicates the amount he wants to sell (the amount should be available on the wallet).
2. User's browser creates a message based on the protocol, signs it with the user's private key (for identification) and sends it to the ipfs pub sub network
3. Other users' browsers receive this message, and add an order to their local copy of the order book.
3. in case someone wants to execute an order, he sends the message directly to the creator of the order

Thus, disabling the main domain does not stop trading.


Is it difficult to add a new blockchain to your exchange?

The Atomic Swap is a complex operation which consists of multiple software/hardware elements controlled from different world regions. E.g, here is just a couple of the systems (elements):

  1. Multiple public nodes.
  2. libp2p messaging system.
  3. Two blockchains.
  4. Smart contracts written on different languages with different processing features.
  5. Public explorers.
  6. External monitoring services (e.g. mining fee calculator).
  7. User's browser as the swap logic executioner (not only frontend but the entire dApp).
  8. The user as his or her actions affect the swap.

Mining fee. How much is the fee and which fee is optimal? How this fee will be calculated? How much cryptocurrency will be spend in both blockchains and who will pay this amount of crypto? Which sum will be final for the maker to send and for the taker to get?

Blockchain features. E.g. for the ERC20-tokens the operation should be 'approved' and client must have some ETH to receive the tokens. For the EOS, the paid account activation is required. This problems shouldn't be of user's concern.

How do the public nodes work? Three public nodes activity is required during the swap (two blockchains and orderbook). What if one node works better than the other or is blocked in some countries?

Correct swap recovery after the update of page. How the swap progress can be recovered from the last point if some problem occured and page was updated?

We elolve. We update our system timely and the blockchains' interoperability management takes time.


Request is declined. Why?

(if you try to sell 1 SWAP token try less amount, 0.99 for example)

We are a marketplace, where other participants trade with each other. If you receive"Request is declined", then the other participant does not want to exchange with you at the moment. Our platform cannot know the reasons why this is happening.

Common causes of rejection:

-Your account is not credible (few exchanges)
-The other party is currently already sharing with you or with someone
-The other side lacks funds

What ca i do?
You can view other offers by clicking on "Orderbook"


What should I do to get listing on

We individually review each project and technical characteristics of the token. Please contact us to define terms of listing for your project


Who is your audience?

Our main advantages are:

- Fast and cheap transactions
- Almost impossible to hack
- No KYC process
- P2P cross-chain transaction

Therefore, we have three main target audiences:

1. Blockchain geeks, early adopters, and trendsetters who have a genuine interest in new technologies and high tech transactions.

2. Projects which are interested in trading their tokens with BTC and USDT. This group is of special interest to us for the moment. We developed a white label solution for such projects which allows exchanging tokens of the project directly on their website.

3. Large coin holders who are interested in transactions with very big amounts. It is important for them to perform exchanges fast, in a secure way, with no additional commissions, and stay anonymous.


How fast my project can be listed on

ERC20 tokens can be listed within 24 hours. If your project works on a different blockchain please contact us to define a time frame for listing your project


Can I find you on CoinMarketCap?

We’re on the final step to be added to and other trackers. You’ll be able to find us there in the DEX section soon.


How long it takes to exchange?

It depends on the blockchain you perform a transaction with. For example, for the pair BTC<>ETH it takes less than 40 seconds to receive funds in ETH wallet and up to 3 minutes to receive funds in BTC wallet.


Does it really work?

Oh YES! Try it now


How many users do you have?

The first month we launched on the mainnet we had 3000 users, and this number is growing rapidly. Loyalty rate is about 20% which indicates a great interest to the project.

We are continuously working on UX to make the platform in the most user-friendly way. Also, we negotiating big partnerships which will bring more traffic to


What is the trading volume on your exchange?

We just launched on the mainnet at the beginning of September. The same month we were the first to perform Atomic swaps with USDT and EOS. In October we added Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash and started to integrate ERC20 tokens. Our platform is based on Atomic swap technology which is just gaining popularity among the community. This technology has a big interest as from big trading companies so as from individual traders. Listing on will benefit more to your brand than to our overall liquidity. See which companies already joined cross-chain network and are now listed on Total capitalization is more than $220 M.


Bitcoin node is down (you cannot make transactions )

Import private key to for withdraw your cryptocurrency


Why is it that the Swap is so fast, even though the transaction within bitcoin blockchain takes a minimum of 10 minutes?

The Bitcoin network is designed in such a way that you can spend Bitcoins received to your address (or the address of the smart contract) even if the transaction has 0 confirmations. Thus, you can use Bitcoins almost immediately, for example, send them to another wallet. Of course there is a risk of the transaction being canceled, but in reality, if the network is not overloaded and sufficient mining fee is set up, the probability of such an event is very low. Nevertheless, for transferring over $50, we still expect confirmation of the network and the swap will take longer than 10 minutes, for the sake of security.

Read more:


I can’t withdraw SWAP from Why?

Miners fee is 0.001 ETH. Your balance must exceed this sum to perform transaction


Why should I deposit ETH for creating and executing orders?

If you're reading this, you probably want to exchange Ethereum-based assets.
As you may know, each transaction within Ethereum blockchain requires some gas to be performed - apr. 0.001 ETH. That is why you have to deposit some ETH to exchange your tokens.


Why don’t you have ERC20-ETH pairs?

Swap.Online - innovative company the aim of which is to develope atomic swap technology. 99% of DEXs are working with ETH, whereas we decided to focus on BTC, USDT, EOS. We will add ETH but later


How are you sure that your technology will not become outdated in the future?

A blockchain is primarily a new approach to storing keys (passwords). The keys must be stored by the user. In this case, the operator (exchange) removed the extra burden of responsibility for the safety of data, funds, etc., while the end user appreciates a sufficient increase in speed and security. Although, it is worth saying that the technology is not suitable for high-frequency trading.


How to withdraw cryptocurrency from

1. click SEND
2. Enter amount and address
3. Click "TRANSFER"


What is the price of SWAP token?

At the moment SWAP tokens are not trading anywhere but on And we avoid giving any predictions about its price. Although, as a reference, the contributors who help the development of the project and receive the reward in SWAP tokens generally evaluate 1 SWAP token at the price of $1. Therefore, they calculate the amount of compensation for their work considering that 1 SWAP = 1 USD.

SWAP token review


I don’t see the Order, although the others can see it (or it can be seen from a different browser)

  1. Please wait while ipfs peers search is complete (blue line indicates the search progress.
  2. If it doesn't help, save the keys and clear indexDB
    2.1. Open dev tolls (press F12 or by clicking the right button on the moth select inspect element)
    2.2. Go to Application tab
    2.3. Delete all entries in IndexedDB


Where are my private keys stored?

In the memory of your Device


Is KYC required?

No, you don't need to pass KYC in order to trade on SwapOnline platform!


Which swap pairs are available? And with which currencies I can trade my token?

For the moment you can trade your project with the most popular cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT. EOS will be added soon.

We keep our eyes wide open and if there is high demand for another currency we will definitely add it to our platform.


Is there fee for trade?

Nope, but you should pay miners for confirmation of transaction. Each exchange requires two transactions of two blockchains. For example bitcoin and ether.

Actual transaction fees:
Bitcoin (our transaction take 1.5x more fee):
Ethereum (gas limit 120000):


How much gas is being spent for swap?

Usually, it's 100-150k. But the price of Gas depends on network load!


Min sum to trade?

It's equivalent of 20 USD in BTC or ETH. The larger the sum of trade, the more profitable for you!


My swap got stuck and my Bitcoin has already been sent to the swap. What should I do?

  1. Find Refund hex transaction in swap.
  2. Send the transaction to the Bitcoin Network (for example through or

If there is a non final” error, try to send the transaction again in an hour

For refunds from other blockchains send the message “My swap is broken!!!” to our Telegram group


In what language is this written, and where I can find source code?



Swap.Online token

  1. No ICO! The project team is focused on
    product development tailored to the needs of real customers, rather than presentation creation for investors
  2. No mining - there are no strong players who can influencethe amount of assets of the others
  3. ERC20 - cryptostandard: users will be able to use an accustomed wallet for an unusual asset
  4. Unique bounties and Airdrop participants reward:tokens issued to them will have a non-zero demand
  5. Wide token conversion: if users want to exchange
    a token for another cryptocurrency, they are free to do it
  6. A total of 21 million SWAP tokens will be released

What is Swap.Button?

  1. Swap.upButton Swap.Button - a solution for fast and safe exchange of cryptocurrency for cryptoproject tokens.
  2. Broadens the potential range of users. Cryptoprojects offer the users a wide  choice of tools for exchanging cryptocurrencies for tokens in one window - for example, Bitcoin exchange for ERC20 tokens. The customer chooses a convenient way and quickly makes an exchange directly in the browser without app download and long wait. The project account receives cryptocurrency, and the user - tokens.
  3. Works directly in the browser. Swap.Button works directly in the browser (via JavaScript), so users can make exchanges directly from their phones.
  4. Adaptation to any project. Swap.Button easily adapts and integrates  into business processes of any company.

Advantages of using the exchanger based on Swap.Online DEP

  1. It deals with the most of cryptocurrencies and tokens. The protocol is able to work with the majority of cryptocurrencies, except those where there is no scripting language. But even  for such currencies (for example, Monero) solutions are developed over time (Multisig for Monero).
  2. Fault tolerance. An exchange takes place right in the blockchains independently of centralized entities – server capacities, domain performance, DNS-services.
  3. It works even from the phone. The performance does not require client, application or plugins installation: everything works in the browser with JS, nothing is hidden on the server.
  4. Online DEP exchange is faster than traditional stock exchange by eliminating a third party as an extra link in the chain – it gives a huge influx of speed.

What is Swap.Online DEP?

"Swap.Online DEP" (Decentralized exchange protocol) is a protocol for cross-blockchain exchange of cryptocurrency directly between users.
Simply put, this is when Alice and Bob exchange Ether and Bitcoin among themselves without the involvement of a third party.
The exchange is implemented in such a way that the funds do not pass through a centralized gateway, as in the case with traditional stocks. This excludes the possibility of hacking the central gateway and stealing users' assets.
The protocol is based on the Atomic Swap technology.


What is Swap.Online?

  1. Swap.Online is a cross-blockchain OTC Market, where you can buy high-risk assets
    unavailable on other exchanges at any time
  2. Swap.Online works completely on JS: everything is being performed in the browser, nothing is hidden on the server. It works even from the phone
  3. Swap.Online is based on the "Swap.Online DEP" protocol which enables  a safe  cross-blockchain exchange
  4. It does not require freezing (paying in) assets to create orders. You can pay in after the customer/buyer is found

Etherdelta, Idex are your rivals. What are your advantages compared to them?

  1. Many stocks for cryptocurrencies exchange are centralized, that means they keep customers' funds. Using Bitcoin.js, web3.js, and the libp2p library in IPFS, we created a cross-blockchain exchange system directly in the browser - without the involvement of a third party, right in the blockchains using HTLC (Hashed Timelock Contracts) technology.
  2. None of the rivals offers btc / erc20, and enabless you to do this.
  3. Exchanges require to undergo the KYC procedure after the funds are received into by their wallets. Swap.Online provides a unique KYC / AML neutrality. No one can freeze funds or suspend execution of an order. Nobody can prevent someone from performing transactions.

What is a SWAP token used for?

  1. To pay for transactional fees
  2. To  raise your system rating
  3. To pay for Swap.Online services
  4. To settle up with each other

What is the difference from x?

Most likely x works with only one blockchain (eg 0x, etherdelda, bitshares ...) or it is not launched yet.


At what stage is the project?

Testnet is working, minenet – only balances


Where can I find more technical information?

If you are a programmer, you can see the tests immediately


How are you going to maintain liquidity?

Replenishment of a smart contract is possible not only with internal balance, but also with a direct transfer. So the user can keep the money out of the application and transfer it only during the exchange (for example, moving it from another exchange). Moreover, we will use arbitration


What is the main difference from your rivals?

Most of the exchanges are written in Go, C, and we write our stock entirely in JS, that means that users will not have to download and install binary files. At the same time, no data passes through our server.


OK, what shall I do if I want to link bitcoins to my blockchain project with tokens? How can I get on your exchange?

Just text to or directly to


What is the difference from Lightning and Raiden?

Lightning requires "channel" opening, and we make onchain transactions, so the money can be used immediately, unlike Lightning where you still need to close the channel.


What is the use of your project for mine if we don’t deal with a bitcoin, and your listing won’t do any good (no volumes/assets)?

We’re focused on only safe swaps (for example, btc- ERC20)


What is the difference from Bitshares, Wave Desk, etc.?

The majority uses gateways that accept currency and issue unsecured tokens instead (for example BTC > dexBTC), which can be already traded inside another blockchain, there is no guarantee that gateways will exchange the tokens back.


I’m a marketmaker, most of the exchanges are ready to cancel fees, and what bonuses do you provide?

You don’t have to keep the volume/asset over here


If your token means reputation, what prevents a person from registering 100 accounts, distributing a few tokens and starting fooling all the users?

A fraud is impossible due to technology because HTLC implies that the exchange is either done according to certain rules or not. The maximum damage is possible if one of the parties does not confirm the transaction, in this case the money can be frozen, but not lost. The amount of necessary reputation is dictated by the market, from a certain point the flood is not beneficial to the attacker.