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Last Call: SWAP.Online Smart Bounty Third Round

Two bounty campaign rounds are closed. Don't miss the third one!

As you already know, the Bounty & Airdrop Campaign of SWAP.Online is organized in unique, really ‘smart’ way. Only best participants will get their reward but this reward is twice as high as the average for the competitors. We also informed you about the results of the first round of the campaign, and now we […]

How Much Do They Make

Exchanges’ Revenues: New Research of SWAP.Online

   Despite the enormous interest shown to the ICO & Crypto sphere in the last years, this field is still full of puzzles. One of the most exciting things there is the real total profit of crypto exchanges. You can trace the token capitalization via the Coinmarketcap, you can find the price of every cryptocurrency […]

First Step Forward

Swap.Online has finished the first round of Smart Bounty

   As it was previously said, the Swap.Online project, a Russia-based crypto start-up, has launched the Smart Bounty campaign to promote its new products – decentralized crypto exchange and a b2b-solution for accepting crypto for different projects. Our Smart Bounty campaign is multi-level and designed to reward only the best participants. The plan of the […]

Swap.Online Core Alpha Version is LIVE!

Keep track of all the important technical updates of Swap.Online

  The Swap.Online development team have brought us some good news: the core of the Swap.Online exchange system is ready. As our brilliant researcher and developer Alex B. ( says, this event opens up a range of opportunities for implementing our exchange system in different projects “Well, this is the core of the exchange system. […]


A break-through solution in cryptocurrency exchange

Atomic Swap – instant decentralized cross-chain exchange operations The cryptocurrency boom of 2017 has demonstrated that the exchange of this asset is still unsafe and over-regulated, thus unfavorable. Centralized exchange services with high transaction fees, low performance, complicated front-end are proving to be a kind of easy target for the scams, frauds and direct theft. […]

How to receive demo BTC & ETH


How to receive demo bitcoins and ether for test exchange 1. Click on the Balances tab 2. Copy the Ethereum address 3. Go to Google+ and publish the ETH address to your feed, then copy the link to your post 4. Go to Rinkeby faucet and insert the URL (link to your Google+ post) to the form […]

Product Ambassador Position Open in Swap.Online

We have an opening for a Product Ambassador Swap.Online team, the founders of the decentralized exchange protocol ( and leading Russian crypto start-up is looking for a Product Ambassador. Our Ambassador will represent two products: b2c-solution (protocol for decentralized exchange of cryptocurrencies) and b2b-solution (algorithm allowing to accept crypto investments via the website in one […]

Spring Airdrops: try to see what is what with SWAP.Online.

Analysts and bounty managers of SWAP.Online put the hottest airdrops of May, 2018 under a microscope

Airdrop & Bounty Trends 2018 In the years of 2017 and 2018, the airdrop as the procedure of free token distribution for the couple of easy social tasks completed, become an inevitable stage of every cryptocurrencies project. Viceversa, everyone who issues the token, need to organize the airdrop. Airdrop manager sets the two main group […]

To ICO or not to ICO

How the SWAP.Online avoids the pitfalls of the most controversial process in the world of cryptocurrencies

The initial coin offer or ICO as the process of crowdfunding in the promotion of new crypto start-up is known since July, 2013. The main idea of ICO is to raise funds collecting fiats or existing crypto (BTC or ETH, most frequently) in change to project tokens. The year of 2017 became the ‘Golden Age’ […]

SWAP.Online invites all tokens to be added add your token

Get your balance on Swap.Online SWAP.Online team presented the unique technology of decentralized cryptocurrency exchange protocol (DEP). Through this DEP, users will be able to exchange cryptocurrencies directly in browser with no apps, clients, plug-ins installed. The protocol uses the Atomic Swaps technology, thus it seems to be the most technically advanced decision in the […]

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